OWL THERAPY is an interactive ludic device that has been designed and built by Novel-Ti for the sole purpose to meet the professionals expectations.
Our platform offers myriad therapeutic mini video games based on Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to its multidisciplinary approach, our solution comes up with a visible, acoustic and immersive environment in which the body goes through a very stimulating experience ensuring the achievement of the therapeutic objectives defined in advance.Taking into account the sensory peculiarities of the patients.
OWL THERAPY provides diverse conceptual representations designed by experts in stimulus creation that help soliciting cognitive, nervous and muscular functions such as:
Since it is dedicated to professionals, OWL THERAPY offers friendly interfaces designed to facilitate the entry, filtering and collection of each patient’s data. In addition, our solution comes with a specific monitoring and evaluation system modeled in graphs to give the possibility of systematically analyzing the sessions and thus makes it possible to monitor the involvement and progress of each patient compared to its initial state.